Older Generation’ Shares 8 Things Millennials and Gen Z Will Never Understand

Calling the movie theater to hear the recording with the movie times on it.”

Calling the Movie Theater

Another man said, "I remember watching a draft lottery to see if my number would be low enough to send me to Vietnam to fight in a war."

Watching the Draft Lottery

Before the era of YouTube and Spotify, people didn’t have access to any song ever recorded on demand.

Recording Your Favorite Songs from the Radio

Before everyone carried a smart phone, "people couldn't always reach you, and that was a good thing."

People Were Not Reachable 24/7

Remember when you had to be home on time to see your favorite show? The younger generation cannot imagine life without streaming on demand.

Clearing Your Calendar to Watch a TV Show

When I was in school, if you needed to do research for a paper, you had to go to a real library, look through the card catalog, and find a book on the subject.

Encyclopedias and Card Catalogs

"In movies, on planes, in offices, in hospitals, on trains, in restaurants, in schools...and how angry people were when it was finally taken away."

Everyone Smoked Everywhere

"At one time, you had to REMEMBER people's phone numbers. One user said, "You even bought little books to write them down in."

Memorizing Phone Numbers