Nationwide Chicken Chain Is Launching Its First Pizza

How should a chicken wing chain handle rising bone-in prices? Give pizza.

According to Restaurant Business Online, bone-in wings rose 84% to $3.22 a pound in 2021. According to the July Consumer Price Index from

the Bureau of Labor Statistics, chicken prices rose over 18% and food prices rose 11%, the largest increase since May 1979.

Famous for its bone-in chicken wings, Buffalo Wild Wings is taking a cheesy approach to the problem.

On Wednesday, the chain added its first pizza to the happy hour menu (albeit it looks more like a flatbread and is billed as an appetizer).

Buffalo Wild Wings' boneless wings are breast meat, which is cheaper than chicken wings.

Buffalo Boneless Bar Pizza (boneless wings with medium Buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, blue cheese crumbles, pickled hot peppers, and green

onions) and Honey BBQ Boneless Bar Pizza (honey bbq sauce, mozzarella, cheddar jack cheese, pickled hot peppers, green onions; boneless wings). Pizza costs $9.99.

At Buffalo Wild Wings, "Buffalo Wild Wings is always looking for unique ways to surprise guests," says CMO Rita Patel.

Football season, peak pizza-eating season, is here. Last year's Super Bowl saw 12.5 million pizza orders and 1.42 billion wings

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