Krispy Kreme's Beloved Strawberry Glazed Doughnuts Are Returning

Krispy Kreme announced on August 21 that it will sell their strawberry glazed doughnut from September 1 to 4 throughout Labor Day weekend.

This event is called a "summer sendoff" to commemorate fans and provide the "perfect last taste of summer."

Krispy Kreme's global brand officer believes Labor Day Weekend is the ideal time to bring back Strawberry Glazed, since customers have been begging for it.

Unlike the strawberry-frosted donut, this one has a thin coating of Krispy Kreme glaze that covers the doughnut and gives it a slight strawberry flavor.

This donut's comeback goes beyond its delicious flavor. It's also tied to Rhode, Hailey Bieber's new skincare line.

Krispy Kreme's press release indicated that her new lip treatment is inspired by the glazed donut. Bieber recalled her childhood favorite in a interview.

"When I was a kid, my favorite donut was a strawberry-frosted donut with sprinkles—it's so nostalgic," she told the site.

In general, strawberry glaze has been a defining ingredient, therefore Bieber chose it for her new product's taste. Bieber chose Krispy Kreme's strawberry flavor for the limited-edition lip treatment.

The August 28 peptide-based lip therapy attempts to capture the strawberry glazed donut's unique character. Bieber and Rhode announced the new taste and Krispy Kreme link on Instagram.

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