Dunkin's Holiday Menu Has Been Leaked

Although we are still in the midst of pumpkin spice season, Dunkin' Donuts is already planning for the winter.

That means a combination of fresh, imaginative things and old classics, in true Dunkin' fashion.

Food blogger markie_devo, who previously disclosed Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks' fall 2022 menu items, revealed the coffee giant's next

Christmas menu selection in an Instagram post. The menu will be available from November 2 until December 27th, according to the post. 

Step aside, Trader Joe's, because a new cookie butter hotspot is on the way. Dunkin' Donuts is apparently introducing

a Cookie Butter Cold Brew, which will include brown sugar cookie syrup, cookie butter cold foam, and a cookie crumble topping.

If you still have a cookie butter need, you can get a Cookie Butter Donut, which is filled with cookie butter flavored buttercream, topped with maple frosting

These two items sparked a lot of interest among followers, who flocked to the Instagram announcement's comments area. 

"I'm excited for the COOKIE BUTTER," one person remarked, adding, "This cookie butter collection is such a yessss!!!"

But that's not all: Dunkin' Donuts will also introduce a new innovative morning dish mashup: Pancake Wake-Up Wraps.

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