Burger King Nail It With New Tasty Chicken Snack Wraps

Burger King hasn't had to experiment with its burgers since the Whopper, but chicken sandwiches are open to experimentation in search of the next big thing. 

Burger King loves what it sees and has added Classic, Spicy, and Honey Mustard wraps to its BK Royal Crispy Chicken selections.

Burger King has tried chicken snack wraps before. After seeing McDonald's succeed with them in 2006, it launched its own in 2012, even hiring Mary J. Blige to promote them. 

 It didn't last long, but Burger King hasn't stopped, even developing the adorable Whopperito that took America by storm in 2016.

Will these three new BK Royal Crispy Wraps be enough to fight snack attacks, or should Burger King keep trying? Unpack and report the findings!

The Honey Mustard BK Royal Crispy Wrap was our first order, and we were surprised by how sweet the sauce was.

It wasn't more honey than mustard, but it was too sweet and threw the entire thing off. The flavor enhanced with each mouthful, but like R.E.M. sang, "Sweetness Follows."

Next came the Spicy BK Royal Crispy Wrap, which was better than the Honey Mustard one.

When the Classic BK Royal Crispy Wrap came to the plate/tray, it felt like a palette cleanser. Without condiments, this wrap showcased the chicken's flavor and kept the condiments to a minimum.

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