Best Secret Menu Items at Texas Roadhouse

Best Secret Menu Items at Texas Roadhouse

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Outback isn't the only steakhouse establishment that serves a wonderful "blooming" fried-onion appetizer.

Pulled Pork Cactus Blossom

This "Texas-sized, golden-fried onion" comes with a Cajun dipping sauce, but many guests are unaware of a secret menu item they may create with other Texas Roadhouse components.

Other toppings that can be ordered on a Cactus Blossom, from green chiles to jalapeos, were quickly mentioned by commenters. 

Smothered Blossom With Jack Cheese

Inquire with your waitress about the various toppings, and the Cactus Blossom will be instantly upgraded.

At Texas Roadhouse, kids may order a variety of entrées, including their own sirloin steak, which fits in nicely with the steakhouse ambience.

Kids Grilled Cheese

Surprisingly, one of the most popular kids' menu options, a classic grilled cheese, is missing. Despite having one of the best kids' menus in town, there is no grilled cheese to be found. 

Granny's Apple Classic, Strawberry Cheesecake, and a Big' Ol Brownie are among the frequent menu items.

Ice Cream

However, as consumers may have seen, some of these treats come with a dollop of ice cream on top. That must imply that ice cream is on the menu, right?

This following one may be considered a menu "hack" by some, as it is not always an item that can be ordered off the menu.

Steak Sliders

But there is a quick and easy way to make any steak entrée (or any protein dish) into a bite-sized sandwich, and the secret is probably already on the table when supper arrives.

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