10 Crucial Reasons Gen Z Points Fingers at the Older Generation

"No one born after 2012 is in Gen Z anymore, and I kind of agree. Being a Zoomer feels different than being a member of the generations that came after us. 

Stuck Between Generations

"Microgeneration is a better way to connect with people because 15 years is too long to have the same life experience."

Let’s Narrow Down the Generational Gaps

"Welcome, my friend, to the insanity of generations. People have said strange things about how clear they are.

Defining People by Generations Is a Weird Concept

"The only reason I don't say they're full Z is because my little brother is only eight years old, but he has alpha traits.

Do Genzers Even Exist?

“I feel left out because I was born in late 2008 and can’t relate to much of Gen Z stuff.”

What Are You Talking About?

"I can connect to everything about Gen Z because I grew up with VHS and DVDs because my family wasn't very rich.

I Know What It’s Like to Be a Genzer

We can't choose when we come into the world. One could have been born in 500 B.C. and worked as a slave for 90% of their lives. 

Be Thankful

I think growing up in the age of instant technology and smartphones, where every item you could ever need is in your pocket at the same time, is a sign of a late Z or Alpha.

You Have Technology

“Every day, I wake up and wish I was born a dumb boomer.”

The Dream